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Why Choose Uhl ?

There are many general contractors to choose from within our region. So, why select Uhl over the others?

Uhl Construction stands out for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

  • Provides over 91 years of experience!
  • Carries a bonding capacity up to $45 million, with a sound management system and financial resources in place.
  • Reduces environmental impact through sustainable building practices.
  • Participates in specialized training in the classroom and maintains apprentice programs.
  • Maintains the pace with design specifications, materials, and regulations.
  • Possesses total turn-key capabilities from project conception through completion.
  • Provides emphasis on a sound safety program, which greatly reduces the liability to owners and architects, as well as reduced downtime and delays. Our company participates in weekly “CAP Safety Talks/Toolbox Talks”
  • Participates in substance abuse testing and drug-free jobsites! Since we’re drug-free, our associates are 30% more productive and 3.6 times less likely to be in an accident. One in every six fatalities on the jobsite is related to substance abuse.
  • Maintains an excellent “Experience Modification Rating”, currently established at 1.072%.
  • Good communication, strong relationships, and constructive problem solving are just a few of Uhl’s cornerstones.
  • Provides full-time management on each jobsite. Uhl is signatory with the carpenters, cement masons, iron workers, and the laborers.
  • Implements a “TEAM APPROACH” with the owners, architects, and subcontractors. We will provide proper execution, timeliness of the completion of the project, effective management, a safe jobsite, and superior quality of field supervision.
  • Each project owner/architect has accessibility to project management as well as senior management.

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